Tips on Choosing the Best Accommodation Type for Your Holiday

When you choose a holiday destination, you often find yourself overwhelmed by the number of hotels available. Choosing a hotel is a tricky affair because your decision may bind you throughout your stay at the particular destination. As such, it is advisable that you choose the most appropriate type of accommodation in regards to your preferences, financial ability, and other important factors.

For starters, it is important to know that there are various accommodation types available including hotels, hostels, motels, villas, cottages, tents, chalets, and much more. The following tips on choosing the best accommodation for your holiday will come in handy during your next vacation.


It is always advisable that you plan your holiday with a strict budget in mind. The strict budget enables you to choose accommodation and activities in accordance to the money available. The cost of accommodation is an important factor since affordability varies with different people. The cost of an accommodation type is affected by location, type of accommodation, ratings, and services available. Ensure that the accommodation type you choose fits your budget without compromising on comfort, since relaxation is one of the main purposes of a holiday.


The location of your accommodation should be referenced against beaches, nightclubs, restaurants, parks, and major tourist attractions. People often desire to be as close as possible to the tourist attractions but this often comes at a high cost. As such, you should choose accommodation that is close enough to give you the chance to make a short trip to the tourist attractions and social amenities.

Number of people

The number of people in your group often determines the type of accommodation to choose. For example, if you are travelling as a group of three families with children in each family, it will be more affordable to choose a villa or a mansion for your holiday instead of a hotel. In this case, booking a villa will be cheaper since villas rent out the house as an entity instead of renting out rooms.


The type of accommodation you choose should have your most preferred amenities. Amenities include swimming pools, hot tubs, wi-fi connection, fitness centre, and spa. You should compare a few hotels in your preferred location and confirm their list of amenities from their website or by calling them. Amenities enhance the quality of your stay by increasing your level of satisfaction.


The internet has made it easy to track the performance of accommodations in various locations through customer reviews. Customer reviews give you an in depth evaluation of the accommodation according to personal experiences. While it is normal to have a few bad experiences, you should still choose an accommodation with the least bad experiences in order to increase your chances of satisfaction. Ensure that you read customer reviews on company website and travel advisory pages before settling for a specific accommodation.

The above tips on choosing the best accommodation type for your holiday will help you choose the best accommodation that will give you the highest level of satisfaction.