How to plan a budget holiday

People love taking holidays every so often in order to break the monotony of life. However, most people have the notion that holidays are expensive hence, they avoid taking holidays as much as they can. The truth is that you can apply a few tricks than will help you have a budget holiday.

Off season travel

Most people tend to travel during holidays such as Easter, Christmas, and Thanksgiving. During these holidays, a large percentage of the population often makes travel plans hence the demand overwhelms supply in terms of hotels and flights. The increase in demand tends to drive costs up during peak season hence making it impossible to plan an affordable holiday.

In order to beat this problem, you will benefit from travel during the off-season. You should opt to travel when everyone is busy and tied at work and school since the demand is very low at such times. Low demand leads to low prices of flights and hotels hence, travelling is cheap. Make this possible by working during major holidays while most people ask for work leave and pile up your off days to a particular period. Use your leave days to go for a holiday to your dream destination and spend little money during your trip.

Plan early

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Hotel alternatives

When planning a holiday, most people seek to book hotels during their stay. People go even further to book hotels according to their ratings with the five star rating being the most preferred. However, there are alternatives to that expensive hotel that you would wish to stay. You should look into staying in hostels, motels, bed and breakfast, and villas if you are travelling with a large group. Such accommodation options tend to be cheaper than hotels.

If you insist on staying in a hotel, try to ignore the ratings. Choose small hotels with decent customer reviews since such hotels are cheaper and they offer personalized services. With small hotels and other hotel alternatives, you may find it easier to negotiate prices in regards to the time of travel and the number of people in your group.

Travel packages

Take advantage of travel packages offered by hotels and travel agencies when planning your holiday. The packages often include holiday destinations set at defined prices, which account for hotels, activities, excursions, visits to tourist attractions, and travel expenses. Keep an eye out for travel packages since the compacting of activities tends to save you money.


Flights are often the culprits of expensive holiday plans. As such, you should use a few tricks that will help you save some money on travel expenses. It is important that you travel through the same airport in order to get a return ticket. A return ticket is often cheaper than buying two one-way tickets.

Ensure that you book your flight at least 3 months before your trip in order to take advantage of low prices. Booking in advance gives you enough time to conduct a good research and compare the prices of different airlines before settling for one.

Planning a budget holiday requires good research and ample time to compare and contrast your list of options before settling for the ultimate holiday experience.



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